Latin American wedding parties

If you’re looking to add some flavor to your wedding, why not Latin flavor? Find out what matrimonial traditions you can use to spice up your special day!


5 Traditional Latin American Wedding Traditions You Can Use on Your Big Day

As a wedding idea resource, we recommend personalizing your matrimonial traditions. One of the most sought after elements of any wedding is unique or meaningful traditions. Adding a touch of Latin heritage and beauty to your wedding ceremony is a great way to personalize it. Here are some traditions you may want to use.

Exchanging Rings before the Ceremony

In some Latin countries like Argentina and Chile, wedding rings are exchanged before the actual wedding. Rings are often exchanged during the happy couple’s engagement party. This is a less formal place to exchange these rings. They are worn on the right hand at the time of the exchange. During the actual Latin matrimonial  ceremony, the rings are switched from the right hand onto the left. In places like Brazil, the inside of these rings are engraved with the wife to be or husband to be’s name.

Starting the Ceremony with a Missing Bride

There is an interesting tradition often referred to as “The missing bride.” In countries like El Salvador, the wedding ceremony often begins with the absence of the bride. Her family is often absent as well. Seven men are sent from the church to the bride’s home. They are instructed to escort the bride and her family to the church for the conclusion of the ceremony. This is to symbolize that the bride is given to the groom.

Putting a Musical Twist on Your Vows

Most Latin Americans let the priest or pastor say their vows and answer “acepto” which means “I do.” However, in some places vows are personalized a bit further. In Venezuela, couples sometimes do not speak their vows. They will sing their vows to each other during the marriage ceremony. They sing special promises of eternal fidelity to their husband or wife to be.

Using Gold Coins for Good Fortune

Latin America is big on the idea of prosperity and monetary security. In countries like Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico, and Panama it is customary for the families of the bride and bride groom to exchange “arras”. ‘Arras” are gold coins. The bride and bride groom also do this ceremony exchanging thirteen gold coins between them. This tradition is said to ensure a prosperous and financially secure future for a couple.

Lighting a Candle for Unity

In Latin America, it is common to see marriage as a fusion of lives. During some ceremonies, like in Colombia, the bride and bride groom will each light one candle. Then, they will light the third candle together. The candles that were lit first will be blown out representing the end of their “single” or separate lives. This tradition signifies that they are now united as one.

Even if you are not of Latin American decent, these traditions can hold meaning for you. These traditions will help your wedding be a day full of beautiful history. You can choose one or more to incorporate into your blissful wedding. If you want more ideas, visit Apart from being a free dating website, they also offer an online community perfect for social networking. Here, you’ll find an excellent forum that Latina ladies are always sharing on.

Plan a Wedding in Ukraine

In Ukraine, weddings are known for their beauty and fun customs. Find out about these traditional details that make up these gorgeous events!

3 Things You Didn’t Know about Weddings in Ukraine

In order to contribute to your wedding, we explore different matrimonial traditions. Today we will be looking at the Ukrainian matrimony ceremony. A Ukrainian matrimony ceremony is often very traditional and an iconic ceremony in the Ukrainian culture. It includes a colorful array of folk music, singing, dancing, art, and rituals; it is regarded as some of the most beautiful weddings you’ll ever experience. However, outside of the Ukraine, people don’t know the amazing details of these events. Here are some things you may not know.

The Betrothal Includes a Ransom Paid by the Groom

In Ukraine, Ivan Kupala Day is celebrated on its eve. Unmarried women would enter the forest wearing a Ukrainian wreath. Unmarried men follow them. If a couple emerged and the young woman had given him the wreath to wear, they were betrothed.

Once betrothed, the groom is expected to travel to the bride’s parent’s residence and offer a ransom for his bride. The ransom could consist of money or jewelry. In this matrimonial tradition, the bridesmaid will act as protection for the bride so that she is not “stolen” before a ransom has been offered.

The parents of the wife to be appears outside with someone dressed as a bride. This person may be a woman or man, and are covered with a veil so that the bride groom will not get a glimpse of their face.  If the bride groom realizes it is not his bride, he is to ask for his true love. The family will demand a more substantial ransom, and once the ransom is negotiated, the bride is offered to the bride groom.

However, if the bride groom is met at the door with a pumpkin, his offer of marriage has been rejected by the bride or her family. The pumpkin is his to take, so he doesn’t leave empty-handed.

There Is a Ritual Blessing Before the Official Ceremony

Once a couple is to be married, “Blahoslovennia” or a ritual blessing is performed. This ritual blessing usually happens a short time before the official wedding ceremony. Each in their own respective homes, the bride and groom, their parents, and their grandparents performs this ritual. After the ransom has been paid, the bride and bride groom perform the ritual together with their parents.

As part of the ceremony, a ceremonial text is read to the parents. This ceremonial text reads, “As these two children stand before their own mother, before their own father, before their uncles, before their godparents; maybe they did not listen to one of you, I ask you to forgive them and bless them.”

The parents are to forgive their sins, and the family members repeat “Bih sviatyi” which means, “May Holy God forgive and bless you.” Once this is repeated three times, the ceremony is complete, and the couple is forgiven for their sins. They then are given the blessing for their marriage.

The Ceremony Can Last Two Days or Weeks

The Ukrainian ceremony is full of traditions with deep meaning. First, the couple steps on a beautiful Ukrainian embroidered towel called a rushnyk. Rushnyk’s are symbolic for a Ukrainian couple as whomever steps on the rushnky first, has the “final say” in all aspects of their marriage.

During the crowning ceremony, in a traditional wedding, the bride’s wreath is replaced by a headdress that covers her hair. This is a symbol that she is now married. The groom is crowned with a hat. The hat is symbolic of accepting responsibility as a man.

After the civil ceremony, the guests will arrive at the bride’s house. There is a toast and an abundance of food. The initial celebration lasts the entire night.

On the day after the ceremony, the bride will wear a white dress or suit. On this day, all guests go to the bride’s parent’s house and more food, drinks, toasting, and games follow. The wedding celebration can last days and sometimes weeks, with dancing, singing, long toasts, and a feast that includes the entire community.

As you can see the intricacy and detail of a Ukrainian wedding is what makes it beautiful. If you were inspired by these traditions, incorporate them into your own matrimonial celebration for a unique twist on your wedding day. If you want to talk more about Ukrainian traditions, go to, a platform for dating and social networking where you can find real Ukrainian women who can help explain these ceremonies.

Russian Weddings

Want to have a huge and unique celebration for your wedding? Russia is famous for grand scale marriages. Here are a few considerations of having a Russian wedding.

Things to Consider about Having a Wedding in Russia

The traditional thoughts of weddings are large events full of family and friend attendees. If you’ve ever seen or heard of the beautiful traditional weddings in Russia, then one for you could be your brides dream come true. Here are some things to consider before having your wedding over in Russia.

There Are Some Preparations That Need to Be Made

In order to be married in Russia, you are required to submit an application. This application is submitted to the registry office called ZAGS. The application must be filed several months in advance. On the official wedding day, the husband and wife to be visit ZAGS office to obtain their marriage certificate.

If you wish to get married in a church, then you will need to arrange a meeting with the priest. In this meeting, you will need to agree upon an appropriate date with the priest as weddings are not performed during any religious fasting period.

It is customary to hire a planner or toast maker to handle the details of the wedding. The toast maker will manage the wedding, announce any performances, and hold contests.

Engagement Rings Are a New Thing in Russia

The tradition of giving a future bride an engagement ring is a large western tradition. It is usually official when the ring is placed on the finger. However, in Russia, a man giving a woman an engagement ring is a fairly new tradition. Because of the excitement of finding love, Russians have caught on to the tradition. Although it is now becoming more common, it is still not standard procedure in Russia. The engagement ring is unofficially presented to the bride on the day her beloved asks her to marry him.

In Russia, it is traditional for newlyweds to exchange wedding rings. The bride groom provides these rings. Russian wedding rings are gold. They are decorated with stones or stripes of silver and platinum. They are also engraved on the inside. Russians wear the wedding ring on the ring finger of their right hand.

Family is Involved with Everything

On the day of the ceremony, a bride to be will spend most of the first part of her big day getting ready. This can include hair, makeup, and other style details. Relatives are enlisted to help throughout the day. It is a festive makeover that last until the bride arrives at the ceremony of registration.

In a silly and comical tradition, the parents of the wife to be will pretend to kidnap the bride. They will ask the bride groom to pay a “ransom.” Through the payment of this ransom with something of monetary value, he receives his beloved. After this amusing event, the couple is free to head to ZAGS and officially register for marriage.

If you’d like to get up to date with details of a wedding in Russia, head over to where you can post your questions on their forum. is more than just a dating site, although it does free match making. It is a community where you can connect with Russian men and women who can help you plan the perfect Russian wedding.

Destination Wedding Checklist

Are you excited about planning your destination wedding? There are so many things to think about that you might begin to feel overwhelmed. The truth is that a destination wedding is harder to plan, but as long as you keep a checklist you will stay on track and create the most memorable wedding that you can imagine!

– Choose a destination and find out the marriage requirements
– Create a Budget
– Decide what type of ceremony you would like, the size, the formality of your wedding, and the time of year
– Choose a date
– Possibly purchase Wedding Insurance
– Speak with and decide on the wedding planner you will use (if you plan too)
– Contact the venues that interest you and ask for their proposals
– If you can, visit those venues and meet the vendors, do food and cake tastings, etc.
– Reserve your venue
– Select the members of your bridal party
– Begin shopping for your wedding gown
– Launch a wedding website with all of your wedding details
– Compile a guest list
– Send out your “Save-the Date” cards
– Start a wedding binder to hold all of your paperwork, magazine clippings, and thoughts – whatever you might need while you are planning your big event

– Book a block of hotel rooms for your guests
– Decide on your music and book a DJ or band
– Choose a photographer and/or videographer
– Find an officiant
– Look into any local customs or traditions that you may want to include in your wedding
– Select your menu and wedding cake
– Design your flowers
-Create your registry
– Shop for your bridesmaids dresses – style and color
– Buy your wedding accessories
– Plan your honeymoon if you decide to go to a different destination

– Order your invitations
– Purchase your rings
– Prepare your paperwork for traveling – make sure you have your passports, visas and whatever else you might need
– If they are required have your blood tests and vaccines taken care of
– Arrange transportation for your guests for their arrivals as well as the wedding day – Limos, taxis, buses
– Book your flights – you will want to arrive at least three to four days before your wedding day
– Order wedding decorations and favors and decide how they will arrive at your destination
– Buy groom’s attire
– Make sure your bridal party has ordered their dresses and attire
– Start a play list of your favorite songs to be played at your wedding
– Plan the pre-wedding events and activities such as welcome reception, daily excursions, and the rehearsal dinner

– Send your invitations
– Write your wedding vows
– Choose your wedding readings, ceremony music, and ceremony order
– Check to make sure your guests are booking their trip without any problems with flights and hotels
– Write a “Welcome Letter” and put together “Welcome Bags”
– Buy gifts for the groom, bridal party, parents, etc.
– Have your final gown fitting
– Decide how your gown will arrive at your destination – will you have it delivered or will you travel with it yourself

– Confirm all details of your wedding with the venue, officiant, vendors, DJ, hotel, etc.
– Make your seating chart and place cards
– Design a ceremony program if you plan to have one
– Confirm your travel plans – flights, hotels, etc.
– Check over your guest list to make sure you have everyone’s itinerary and have made arrangements for their arrivals

– Start packing – pack strategically and ask families members to help carry anything you might not have room for. If you are traveling with your gown, have it prepared to board the plane with you

– Confirm all of your wedding details
– Walk through venue, ceremony site, and speak with the officiant
– Finish any wedding paperwork required by your destination and apply for a marriage license
– Put together your guests’ “Welcome Bags” and have them delivered to their hotels
– Have your dress prepared for the wedding day
– Remember to have the grooms attire and your bridal parties garments prepared for the wedding too
– Do a hair and make-up trial with your veil and accessories
– Make sure your guests enjoy the activities you have planned for them
– Have a wedding rehearsal and enjoy the rehearsal dinner afterwards

– Relax!
– Make sure that the Best Man has the wedding rings
– Get ready and enjoy the excitement of starting your new life with your soon to be husband!

This may seem like a long list, but in the long run you will find it helpful. You want to make every detail of your destination wedding perfect. Enjoy the planning and be excited that you and your fiancé will be starting your new life together with your friends and family in a very special place…

It’s that time of the year!

According to some statistics, winter and especially December, is the most popular season for couples to get engaged. I don’t know if the snow has something to do with it or long romantic evenings or something in the air but whatever it is, it is that time of the year again :) And of course for young couples that are about to make next big step in their relationship it is the best time of the year.

No one is immune to that holiday feeling that makes bride-to be starry-eyed and gives an extra guts to would-be grooms to pop the question. This is perfect time of the year to get engaged: it’s already happy time (for most of the people); there’s no need to spend small fortune on setting a scene because hey, it’s a holiday season and the perfect scene is wherever you look; you can dress up like Santa; decorate your tree with only one ornament (and we all know what would that be); write your marriage proposal with lights on the lawn or on the roof (just be careful. and I’m not thinking only about spelling); wrap yourself as a gift … ok I better stop here.

Majority of women (and men for that matter) believe that the message delivered with a bended knee means that man is offering himself wholeheartedly without any reservations. It’s highly important to check surrounding area before kneeling. Last thing you want to do is to plant yourself in a puddle of water or to incorporate some stone to your knee. You know, it’s desirable to be able to stand up and kiss the bride-to-be after she says “yes”. And achieve that without her help.

To go back on the holiday season, winter is indeed perfect. We have Christmas and Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve, all very popular December dates for asking the question but for those slightly impatient there is Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day for those that need few days more. Actually Valentine’s Day is the most popular date and right after comes Thanksgiving.

So guys, get on your (proverbial) horse, shine your armor and swoop in to the love of your life giving her something extra this holiday season. Let’s not forget girls, girls can also take the lead and surprise the man of her dreams with a carefully crafted setting and mood before you ask him to say that big Yes. Do a little research, look at other peoples ideas, think of something original and go for it. Holiday season is a time for tradition, fresh ideas, original ideas, wacky ideas and the perfect time for giving the greatest gift of all, yourself. Your love and devotion. Your trust, your companionship. The perfect time to begin a future together. . Popping the question regardless of the date is the crown of the gift giving season. You wish to give the ultimate gift and what would be more appropriate than an engagement ring?

10 Tips To Tie The Knot Successfully?

Getting married is one of life most glamorous experience. You would want to cherish it as long as life would last. In fact, it is the best experience a couple can have. Every would-be married couple wants a beautiful and perfect wedding day to be remembered.
There are 10 simple ways you can go about in tying the knot. Many things would have to be done first prior to the wedding. When planning, make yourself freely space out so you could have time for relaxation, room for fixing feasible things, and planning a little ahead of time. This allows you to keep stress at bay although there is tendency to be tense and excited. Getting a group of your close and reliable friends will really help to lighten and enliven your whole experience here. Many a couple wedding success is attributed to friends’ help.
Before walking down the aisle, here are some easy to follow 10 tips that you want to consider.

1. Write down details of your plans. Planning process may be tedious but enjoy it as much as you can, for it is going to make life easier for you and helping you to cope with any contingency much more readily should it arises. Divide work into teams. That allows you to liaise with each team helper appropriately and timely. Give yourself months and months to organize. Regular checks have to be there to see that all are in ordered such as wedding invitation format and researching the different styles of invitation printing. In other words, plan ahead, and plan feasibly without going overboard. Compromise where you need.

2. For the wedding day, the bride should have with her a bag, pack ready for the ceremony and reception; for the purpose of assuming her staying overnight for a couple of days.

3. Planning to leave for honeymoon immediately should be as far as possible avoided. This is because both could be very much exhausted right after the wedding. Take some time to bask in the quiet place and enjoy the privacy that both of you are entitled to. Sleep in late, open gifts and do take a slow pace. Just wait a few days. Rest sufficiently before you pack and take off on your honeymoon.

4. Check to see if the date clashes with any other locally huge and important events because traffic pattern interference around the wedding reception or location could arise where such events take place. Sometimes, it would be a problem getting guests to come on time if it’s the holiday season because of difficulty in making air travel or transportation.

5. On taking care of your relatives or friends who are flying in, do check with local hotels for group rates. It could be great savings for you where you could get group discount rates.

6. Check with vendors to ensure all the details in the contract such as florists, DJ, caterers, bakery, and bands are done specifically in writing and do ensure procedures are followed. And ask for additional costs if necessary on possible charges to you such as travelling, sales tax, overtime.

7. When planning the ceremony, you should certainly personalize it the way you want it to be.
Keeping it to within three or four voice solos, extended memorized speeches and poems, or singing songs to each other would certainly suffice.
Have a rehearsal for the one who is going to recite a poem or selection during the ceremony so as to check on any mispronounced words and clarity.

8. When negotiating with your photographer on wedding photography package, specify to him your request for efficient photo-taking schedule. Put into the printed schedule when and where the photo sessions are taking place before and after the ceremony. This would avoid the hassle of rounding up everybody who are supposed to be in the photo-taking session but are scattered all over the venue.

9. Understand that this wedding is the coming together of two families. In the event of any different background, culture or religion, an understandable approach would do perfectly well with emphasis on celebrating each side’s uniqueness, love for bride and groom and things in common and so forth.

10. All in all when planning for your big day, it makes sense to always remind yourself what you want and how you want things done. Although it is no easy task planning a wedding and sourcing all the relevant items but with a little enthusiasm and determination to put the right planning coupled with right timing in placed, all should work out well.

Getting the wedding engagement ring that fits you best would be great. This should make your day a memorable one and that to be cherished for as long as you would live.

Among the newly betrothed who are yet considering what gold ring to obtain, just be informed that 14k white gold has long been recognized by jewelry industry professionals as the preferred choice for white gold wedding rings and wedding bands in the ceremony of marriage.
However, you would need to consider your other half preference and get the jewelry that matches her kind of lifestyle.

3 Exclusive Tuscany Wedding Venues

Tuscany is definitely one of the most beautiful places to get married in: its stunning scenery and breathtaking views are a wonderful marriage setting and will make those magic moments even more unforgettable.

Three towns in particular stand out as the most exclusive places for a wedding ceremony: Certaldo, Pienza and Montalcino.

Getting married in Certaldo
Certaldo is one of Tuscany’s best preserved villages, with wonderful barley fields, cypresses trees and olive groves: the word “cerrus”, in fact, meant “hill sorrounded by oaks” in Latin. The town is divided in two parts and the most picturesque between the two is Certaldo Alto, birthplace of Giovanni Bocaccio and made of medieval houses and palaces. Different wedding ceremonies are available: it’s possible to choose between civil, symbolic or catholic marriage in one of the many reception venues available. Couples who get married in Certaldo experience an authentic medieval atmosphere since the Wedding Hall is located in the medieval walled town on a hill. This charming upper town can be reached on foot or by cable car anyway we always provide complete info on the upper town, the Old Certaldo, to have everything: accommodations, wedding hall and restaurant on hand.

Weddings in Pienza
Pienza is a Renaissance town from the 15th century: its buildings are symmetrically located around the central piazza and for centuries it has represented the Ideal City, being taken as a model all around Italy. Nowadays it represents one of the best settings for wedding pictures since no traffic is allowed in the city historical center. The civil wedding ceremonies are performed in the small city hall, furnished with Gothic elements and wonderful frescoes, able to hold up to 40 guests. We love to recommend Pienza for the special atmosphere, an ideal city to celebrate your romantic and Italian Wedding immersed in the most stunning and unforgettable Tuscan Countryside. Formalities before the wedding are not requested, wedding ceremonies are celebrated in Italian and then translated by an official interpreter.

Marriage Ceremony in Montalcino
The village of Montalcino is definitely a special location for Italian weddings. The town is surrounded by vineyards, thick forests and olive trees which give her the typical Tuscan look. There are many medieval original buildings that can be seen walking along the narrow streets of Montalcino, among which the Cathedral and the Palazzo Comunale stand out for their beauty. Civil weddings are performed in the 13th century town hall, located in Piazza del Popolo, still decorated with its original frescoes. After the celebration a nice photographic session around Montalcino will be a lovely memory to take back home with you and to show to all your relatives and guests that weren’t present in your very special day. Before leaving, visit all the little workshops and buy some of their handcrafted items, we are sure you will find something special to bring back home with you, reminding of your unforgettable wedding in Montalcino.

How to select your wedding DJ – Part 1

Selecting the right wedding DJ for your event can be hard. But after reading this, you’ll know what to look for to ensure your wedding isn’t ruined by an inferior DJ. Be sure to check out Part 2 of this series as well.

If you have already read our Questions to ask Wedding Vendors post, you will already have an idea of what to look for, however I would like to delve a little deeper and show you exactly what to look for and what to expect.

Where to Start?

It is often hard to know where to start even looking for a wedding DJ. Some popular choices would be your favourite internet search engine, the phone book (do they still exist?), bridal magazines, or maybe your favourite online wedding directory. All of these places you will find those DJ’s who are advertising their business. But what other options are there? How about asking your wedding reception venue? They have no doubt seen many DJ’s come and go over the years at various events and may be able to recommend someone who is good. But be careful, some unscrupulous DJ’s and venues enter into agreements where the DJ will provide the venue salesperson a “kick-back” if you book with them. Don’t be afraid to ask if this is the case. If a “kick-back” is involved, how can you be assured of the quality of the DJ.

G&M Solutions work with many venues who have elected to recommend our services to their clients. We do not enter into any “kick-back” arrangements with anyone. Anyone who recommends our services does so because they appreciate the quality and reliability of our DJ’s.

You can also ask around your friends and family. Have you been to a wedding where the DJ was outstanding. Find out who it was. Have you been to a wedding where the DJ was awful. Find out who it was so you can avoid them!

Talk with other brides and research DJ companies to find out what other people think. Written testimonials on a DJ’s website should not be taken too seriously, unless they are a scanned copy of a hand-written note. How can you know if it is genuine, or if it was written by the DJ themselves?

At G&M Solutions, we use a combination of written testimonials which were submitted by our past clients, plus our famous Video Testimonials. These video testimonials are taken at a wedding, just after the bride and groom have left and are as genuine as you can get.

We have a list of a few DJ’s, what’s next?

Now that you have a shortlist of DJ’s, it is important you get to know each of them a little better. Be sure to visit their websites, ask your venue manager about them, phone and talk with them, and even meet with them if you have the option. Any DJ who doesn’t want to meet with you before you book with them, should most likely be avoided. Take notes, such as if they answered their phone when you called, how did they answer the phone, did they answer with their own name, or their business name? Did they return your call promptly? Try to see some photo’s of their equipment setup, will it blend in with the “look” you want to create at your event? Ask if they have other setup options. View videos of their events and see if you like what they do.

You should also consider if the DJ is within your budget. You may also need to consider if your wedding DJ budget is reasonable. More on this bit later.

Meeting with your prospective wedding DJ is also a good idea. Depending on timings and locations, this may not always be an option, however, consider phone meeting and even Skype. We often meet with couples via Skype so that we can video chat about their event. This is also a wonderful idea if you wedding is not near where you live.

Questions to ask Prospective Wedding DJ’s

Whether you meet in person, over the phone or via Skype, these questions will help you get a better idea on what a DJ can do for you and if they are the right choice for your wedding:

1 – Is the DJ familiar with your wedding reception venue?

Although it is not essential that the DJ knows the venue, it can certainly help. They will know how to get there, where to normally setup, be familiar with the room layout, have some familiarity with the staff and be aware of any special requirements of a venue such as voice restrictions or Health and Safety concerns.

2 – Who will actually be at my event?

It is possible that the person you are speaking with may not actually be the one performing at your wedding. Some DJ’s work solo and therefore the person you speak with is the person at your wedding. Other DJ’s are what the industry calls “Multi-ops”, as they have multiple DJ’s who work for them. A quality multi-op company will help match one of their DJ’s to your event who they feel is a good match based on many factors. Be sure to find out how they operate. You don’t want any nasty surprises.

3 – What is the DJ’s back-up plan?

Some DJ’s will not have a back up plan in case something goes wrong at your wedding. These companies should be crossed off your list immediately! Your DJ MUST have a back up plan in case their is any type of equipment malfunction, or in case of injury or illness of the DJ performing. A “multi-op” DJ company can sometimes be more reliable in this sense as they will normally have a few back up DJ’s whenever their DJ’s are performing. Single-op DJ’s may network with other DJ’s to ensure they have a back up with each other, however be sure to ask what happens if the other DJ is also at another wedding. You do not want your wedding ruined due to your DJ’s lack of planning.

G&M Solutions always have back up DJ’s and equipment available. In fact, our most popular wedding packages always have 2 people at them, plus there is still other back ups. All back up DJ’s carry not only back up equipment, but also full event details and music selections for each event.

4 – What will the DJ wear?

Once again, you need to make sure that the DJ is going to fit in with the theme of your wedding. Most professional wedding DJ’s will wear a suit.

5 – What music will the DJ play?

The main reason the DJ is there is to play music. Find out if you are able to select the songs the DJ will play, or if the DJ chooses them all. Be sure to find a DJ who will let you have as much input as you would like. Also, keep in mind that a professional DJ will have a lot of experience and you should try to take advantage of this. Give them a guide as to the music you want, but allow them some freedom to play what they know will work well. After all, you wouldn’t tell your cake maker exactly what ingredients to use and how to make a cake.

6 – Are you insured and do you belong to any professional organisations?

Unfortunately, being a DJ appeals to many people, and quite often these people are willing to cut corners just to make a few bucks playing music as a hobby. Hopefully, by the time you get to this stage of your DJ selection process, these unethical and possibly illegal DJ’s have missed the cut, however it is still important to ensure you are dealing with a professional DJ. You should ask for proof of public liability insurance. This is called a certificate of currency and they should be happy to provide it for you. Their music should all be legally purchased. If it’s not been paid for, it is not legal. They should also have a PPCA licence. Ask if all their electrical equipment and leads are tested and tagged.

Professional organisations for wedding DJ’s in Australia are still developing. Currently, the DJAA (DJ Alliance Australia) is the best professional body that we have. They ensure all DJ’s meet a strict criteria and adhere to a code of ethics. If you are hiring a DJAA member, you can be assured of the quality of your DJ.

G&M Solutions hold a public liability insurance policy, we have a PPCA licence, all our music is legit and all equipment is tested and tagged. We are also a proud member of the DJAA and were the first Brisbane based DJ approved.

But how much should I pay for a good DJ?

I mentioned earlier that finding a DJ within your budget is important. But it is also important that your budget is set appropriately. But shopping around you will find wedding DJ’s quoting anywhere between $200 and $5000 depending on your area. Quite often, with DJ’s it is a case of “you get what you paid for”.

99% of the wedding DJ horror stories you hear about are caused because people just picked a figure (usually a low one) out of the air when deciding on their DJ budget and went with whoever was the cheapest. Even many wedding sources quote outdated figures when giving suggested budgets.

Consider how much money you have spent on your wedding reception. A bad DJ can ruin that and if you want to risk having everyone leave early, then maybe a cheap DJ is an option for you.

You will find many high quality DJ’s in the $1000+ range who will do more than just play music. By doing your research and taking the time to meet with them, you will surely find a DJ who will do everything you want. Find out how they can help make your wedding reception one to remember for all the right reasons. Custom lighting and other personalisations at your wedding can often be arranged by your DJ, which may add to the total quote. It is not unusual for couples to pay $2000+ for a complete wedding entertainment, MC, custom lighting and themeing solution.

Sticking to your budget is important, but so is the success of your wedding reception.

Part 2 will help you know what to expect at your wedding reception and what to look out for.

Glenn Mackay

G&M Solutions Mobile DJs

Tips Of Choosing The Perfect Wedding Caterer

The success of your wedding reception depends on the experience of your guests. Your event will be a wonderful one if all the guests feel happy. There are a few different issues to consider. For instance, you need to prepare nice entertainment. The decoration is also an important part. You will also have to pay special attention to the catering services.

Yes, the foods to be served in your reception is very essential. If the foods are bad, your guests will not feel comfortable. You will certainly want to make sure that they can fully enjoy in your wedding. As a result, you need to choose the best caterer.

You have to create a perfect menu for your reception. You have to be practical when you are choosing it. It is a must to discuss with the caterer about the foods and beverages to be services. You will first of all think about the main course. Usually, you will offer two to three choices of main courses for your guests to select. At the same time, you should think about the appetizers. Some finger foods will also be needed. This is because your guests can have something to eat when they are waiting for your entrance.

Some of your guests may be vegetarians. In fact, you need to think about their preferences even if they are not vegetarians. You should at least try to understand what the majority of your guests love and need. Make sure that you will prepare menus that can cater for their needs and requirements.

When choosing the caterer, you may also need to consider your reception theme. Are you going to have an Asian theme? For example, you may need to prepare foods in Thai style if it is a Thai themed wedding. You need to make sure that the caterer can prepare such foods. Some caterers may be able to prepare very good foods for weddings in general. However, they may not be able to prepare the foods for your theme.

The next issue you will consider is probably the reputation of the caterer. This can make sure that they can meet your expectations. You need to search for different vendors before you make the final decision. Sometimes you may find it hard to find a caterer that you can trust. You can ask for opinions from your friends. They may know some good caterers and this can save you some time. You can also join some online discussion groups and get some information from other brides and grooms.

If it is possible, you can arrange a food tasting section with the caterer you are planning to hire. Usually, there will be a small charge when you require this. However, it is always worth spending the money. It is because you will know if the foods are actually good. You need to ask them to prepare the menu they are going to prepare in your reception. You can go for other vendors if you find the food is not good.

Making Use Of Marriage Counseling In Order To Fully Understand Fury

Marriage counseling is useful for a number of different reasons. Among them is directly associated with fury. The fact is that a large number of partners don’t fully understand rage. This is usually a feeling that could make you to carry out a lot of things that we don’t mean to do also, the result that those behaviors develop on a relationship could get really serious. Sad to say, most people don’t comprehend the actuality that fury arises out of a common human reaction. It could cause married couples to fights and when those fights ruin the value of the matrimony, you have to use marriage counseling, over the internet counseling or maybe face-to-face as soon as possible.

How Could Possibly Marriage Counseling Help?

Once you speak with a marriage counselor, you can be certain that he/she clearly understands the actual problem. You will learn as much as you possibly can regarding hatred and will also be advised that this occurs because of ache and also worry. The concern is that we find ourselves experiencing hurt or we are worried and then the outcome is a rage that normally affects the spouse. The husband or wife ends up being hurt and also this could arise animosity once again. The outcome is a never- ending circle that can likely direct towards break up, in case the husband and wife does not act to get help right away. If you elect to check out internet counseling, you’ll learn how to know rage and discomfort and how you can overcome both. However, with web based counseling, you will be able to do the course in the privacy of your home and on your very own timetable.

Surveys reveal that husbands and wives that get learning partnership skills by means of internet or regular marriage counseling once anger issues arise are more likely to discover what the true problem is and take care of that. The answer is pretty easy: you must never make a debate with your spouse about complications or issues when you are frustrated. When you try that, you might possibly find yourself mentioning something without actually meaning it. That harms the bond. Fighting never works and also rage results in quarrels.

Fear Related Anger

Marriage counseling will reveal that fear can result in anger. This is something that is normally misunderstood because of the fact that the reason behind the fret is probably not related to the married couple. For example, a worry of losing your employment can make you upset and you could possibly lash out at your better half for that reason. It is vital that you realize the reason why you are worried and you make clear this to your better half.

Discomfort Related Anger

Pain-related fury is usually related to the husband and wife. There is something that happened in the past and this left one of the married couples hurt. Instead of just simply discussing this, the partner might wind up fighting and hurting the other half. As you can simply imagine, this could lead towards more anger and a lot of quarrelling.

Could Marriage Counseling Actually Help?

Absolutely yes! Marriage counseling can help you mainly because it will allow you to find out what causes the anger. You will discover if it is pain or fear and you’re educated what needs to be conducted in both situations. You don’t have to go together with your partner to counseling sessions. You can go alone just as you can use online marriage counseling sessions by yourself or together with your husband or wife. If you recognize an issue and you believe there is too much anger in your union, find a specialist at your earliest convenience – online or face to face therapy!

Choosing the Mandap of Your Dreams

The mandap or wedding canopy is the focal point of every Hindu wedding ceremony, a sacred structure supported by four pillars under which the bride and groom are seated and exchange their wedding vows. It is within this sanctified edifice that the auspicious ceremony takes place witnessed by the sacred fire.

The four-pillared structure is said to represents the four Vedas as well as the four goals of a fulfilled Hindu life (Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha). The symbolism of the mandap goes further with each pillar being understood to represent the four parents of the couple, without whose support, love and blessings, the marriage would not have come to take place. Such is the sanctity of the mandap that a special ritual is held the day before the wedding to bless the inauguration of the mandap, known as Mandap Mahurat or Mandap Ropan.

The last few years have witnessed several changes in the design and style of mandaps. But the basic religious and cultural sanctity attached to them by Hindus remains the same: Mandaps are also becoming popular amongst those of other religions such as Sikhs & Muslims, obviously more for aesthetic effect than religious significance – but nonetheless they go a long way to enhancing the wedding décor and provide a scenic focus for the couple to take their vows.

Selecting a mandap has always been an important decision in planning a Hindu wedding, but in recent times, couples have been taking the selection process a stage further. Gone are the days when the mandap was an “off the shelf element” of the wedding décor.

Today, the sacred wedding canopy is a fashion statement in itself – a reflection of the couple’s taste and discerning style and should thus come up high on the list of priorities when planning your big day.

From A Four Pillared Canopy To Fashion Statement Extraordinaire…

The structure and style of mandaps has evolved from traditional designs that typically included sankheda (traditional coloured paintwork), bandhani (tie and dye) fabrics and mirror work, to more sleek, contemporary and chic designs. With British Asian weddings taking on a more westernized style Mandaps have evolved to reflect this trend, combining western design concepts with an eastern look and feel.

Recent popular designs have been the round top mandap, mandaps with iron domes, roman pillar mandaps, wooden carved mandaps and mandaps festooned with fresh flowers and ornate drapes. Other imaginative concepts have included water feature mandaps, chandelier mandaps and even mandaps that emulate the grandeur of period films like Devdas.

From chic and slender to grandiose and majestic, a mandap is guaranteed to be found that has every couple’s name written all over it. If you do your homework well, you will really start to tell the difference between companies that purchase their mandaps off the shelf and those that have a key input into creating the latest bespoke designs.

Perhaps the best thing about contemporary mandap styles is their adaptability and scope for customisation. One no longer needs to think along conventional lines. A mandap that expresses your individuality is just a thought away and mandap companies will do all they can to customize their creations to your individual requirements and wedding theme.

Each year sees the emergence of stunning and innovative mandap designs on the market with coordinated accessories, backdrops, statues, candles, lighting, water features and foyer displays, all used to complement the mandap and build an all-encompassing theme. Most mandap decorators will now go out of their way to source accessories that match their clients chosen wedding theme and which coordinate together to transform a mundane venue into a setting of ethereal fantasy.

The Mandap Of Your Dreams

Many couples will search out a mandap that compliments the chosen theme and style of their wedding, whereas for others the theme of their wedding is created around the mandap they have picked out. Whichever approach you take, you should have a fair idea of how much of your wedding budget you will be allocating to the mandap and wedding décor and what style of mandap compliments your personality and style before you begin your search.

A Guide to Spring Weddings

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Many brightly coloured flowers begin to bloom during Spring which can provide the perfect setting for a romantic wedding ceremony.

Spring occurs in March, April and May. It is the time when deciduous plants begin to regain their colour and certain flowers bloom only in the spring time. Feeding this botanical regeneration is an increase in rain, accompanied by an increase in sunshine. Blossom trees, daffodils and peonies are all wonderful examples of beautiful plants that start to bloom in spring time.

March is the first month of Spring and although we can have some warm, sunny days in the UK during March there is still a chance that couples could have a white wedding, as it has been known to snow early in the season.

In recent years we have seen long, sunny and warm days during April and temperatures have been known to reach the high teens or even early 20’s, proving that the notion of ‘April Showers’ is not often the case.

If you are hoping for a calm and dry day for your wedding, May is the safest option during Spring as the days are longer and temperatures can reach the high 20’s.

It’s this uncertain weather that is the reason why it can be a risk to host your event in the Spring months. Due to the plant friendly conditions, there’s always a chance the day could turn out fine initially, but the weather could change at the crucial moment. This is why planning for every weather condition is essential during Spring and many venues are set up to accommodate this, offering both indoor and outdoor options which can be changed according to the current forecast.

It’s important to take note of the type of trees, flowers and foliage in venues you have viewed – trees that looked bare in November could suddenly look beautiful in April. Ask for pictures of the venue throughout the seasons. Most venues should have a great deal of seasonal pictures to take a look at and some may be available on the venue’s website.

Decorations can be customised according to the season. Colour palettes for Spring weddings are usually effeminate and bright, but perhaps not as loud as the colours seen during a summer or autumn wedding. The shades are traditionally more subtle – with pinks, yellows, greens and whites all working very well. As for bouquet options, stunning flowers are plentiful in Spring time. Daffodils are an obvious choice, but anemones and freesias are also very both popular.

Seasonal produce, that is sourced close to the venue is becoming an ever more popular choice for wedding catering. Although the produce of each county is different, on the whole there is some amazing food that is in season during spring time. Lamb, asparagus, crabs, leek and even cherries are all at their best during this time of year. Ask a caterer about their seasonal produce to get a good idea of what local produce is available in their area.

All in all, Spring is a great time to hold a wedding. If we’re honest, you can’t rely on British weather at any time of year. The ceremony itself should take centre stage. Even if the weather takes a turn for the worst, with clever planning any unfortunate circumstances can be avoided. So there’s no reason not to choose Spring time for your big day.

Modify free wedding vows

A well-versed and well rehearsed wedding vow, especially when it comes from the heart, sends a certain chill to everyone who hears it. Vows have been a long time tradition in wedding ceremonies. The promise of a lifetime commitment to each other despite of difficulties and differences guarantee that true love really exists. Isn’t that a nice thought?

Both the groom and bride exchange wedding vows. Commonly, the vows would include a pledge of unselfishness, faithfulness, and unconditional love. If you are in the dark on what to write in your wedding vows, don’t be! You can find one of a kind wedding vow just by a click of your mouse. Surfing the internet for wedding vows proved to be a good source of ideas and tips that you can readily use on your wedding day. You may need to pay for the service on some sites, but you can scout one for free too.

Free wedding vows do away with the traditional and scripted promise one hears over and over again in common wedding ceremonies. The good thing about free wedding vows on the net, aside from the fact that they are free, they give you the freedom and flexibility to write what you want to say from your heart. You can modify the free sample vows or if you find the writing incredibly heart-warming, you can go ahead and use it without revisions.

There are different vows you can choose from. Like everything, vows can be customized according to the circumstances that you are in. There can be vows specially written for second marriage couples, couples with children, religious variations or wedding anniversaries. Using poetry as part of a vow is a common practice too. Those of Gibran, Keats and Browning are popular choices. You can browse on some internet sites that can even offer a free worksheet format and questionnaires that you need to fill out for you to easily modify your chosen wedding vow. These will serve as your guideline so that you can re-evaluate what you want to say.

Before that big day, preparing your wedding vows is very crucial. Writing your vows together is a very special activity that is highly recommended.

When writing a wedding vow together, set a specific time and place where the two of you can have some privacy. You can jot down your promises on a separate sheet of paper and agree to compare what you’ve written after an hour or so. First, write a letter professing your love for your partner. Do not hesitate to elaborate what you are feeling. Be creative and be sure to take note of your favorite and memorable times together, either good or bad. Some suggestions are the first time that you met, the moment when finally said ‘yes’ or when a trying situation happened but still your love for each others endure. Grab sweet lines from songs, books or scriptures that translate your love for your partner. After writing down your letter, get back together and read each other’s writings. Reading the letters can be truly heart-warming. Prepare to share a laugh or even occasional crying. Share your thoughts on the best part of the letter and from there start your outline for your vows.

The secret of a good wedding vow is making it a personal commitment to your other half and make sure that the message you convey are made clear and simple. Nothing beats anything that genuinely comes from the heart.