Latin American wedding parties

If you’re looking to add some flavor to your wedding, why not Latin flavor? Find out what matrimonial traditions you can use to spice up your special day!


5 Traditional Latin American Wedding Traditions You Can Use on Your Big Day

As a wedding idea resource, we recommend personalizing your matrimonial traditions. One of the most sought after elements of any wedding is unique or meaningful traditions. Adding a touch of Latin heritage and beauty to your wedding ceremony is a great way to personalize it. Here are some traditions you may want to use.

Exchanging Rings before the Ceremony

In some Latin countries like Argentina and Chile, wedding rings are exchanged before the actual wedding. Rings are often exchanged during the happy couple’s engagement party. This is a less formal place to exchange these rings. They are worn on the right hand at the time of the exchange. During the actual Latin matrimonial  ceremony, the rings are switched from the right hand onto the left. In places like Brazil, the inside of these rings are engraved with the wife to be or husband to be’s name.

Starting the Ceremony with a Missing Bride

There is an interesting tradition often referred to as “The missing bride.” In countries like El Salvador, the wedding ceremony often begins with the absence of the bride. Her family is often absent as well. Seven men are sent from the church to the bride’s home. They are instructed to escort the bride and her family to the church for the conclusion of the ceremony. This is to symbolize that the bride is given to the groom.

Putting a Musical Twist on Your Vows

Most Latin Americans let the priest or pastor say their vows and answer “acepto” which means “I do.” However, in some places vows are personalized a bit further. In Venezuela, couples sometimes do not speak their vows. They will sing their vows to each other during the marriage ceremony. They sing special promises of eternal fidelity to their husband or wife to be.

Using Gold Coins for Good Fortune

Latin America is big on the idea of prosperity and monetary security. In countries like Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico, and Panama it is customary for the families of the bride and bride groom to exchange “arras”. ‘Arras” are gold coins. The bride and bride groom also do this ceremony exchanging thirteen gold coins between them. This tradition is said to ensure a prosperous and financially secure future for a couple.

Lighting a Candle for Unity

In Latin America, it is common to see marriage as a fusion of lives. During some ceremonies, like in Colombia, the bride and bride groom will each light one candle. Then, they will light the third candle together. The candles that were lit first will be blown out representing the end of their “single” or separate lives. This tradition signifies that they are now united as one.

Even if you are not of Latin American decent, these traditions can hold meaning for you. These traditions will help your wedding be a day full of beautiful history. You can choose one or more to incorporate into your blissful wedding. If you want more ideas, visit Apart from being a free dating website, they also offer an online community perfect for social networking. Here, you’ll find an excellent forum that Latina ladies are always sharing on.

Plan a Wedding in Ukraine

In Ukraine, weddings are known for their beauty and fun customs. Find out about these traditional details that make up these gorgeous events!

3 Things You Didn’t Know about Weddings in Ukraine

In order to contribute to your wedding, we explore different matrimonial traditions. Today we will be looking at the Ukrainian matrimony ceremony. A Ukrainian matrimony ceremony is often very traditional and an iconic ceremony in the Ukrainian culture. It includes a colorful array of folk music, singing, dancing, art, and rituals; it is regarded as some of the most beautiful weddings you’ll ever experience. However, outside of the Ukraine, people don’t know the amazing details of these events. Here are some things you may not know.

The Betrothal Includes a Ransom Paid by the Groom

In Ukraine, Ivan Kupala Day is celebrated on its eve. Unmarried women would enter the forest wearing a Ukrainian wreath. Unmarried men follow them. If a couple emerged and the young woman had given him the wreath to wear, they were betrothed.

Once betrothed, the groom is expected to travel to the bride’s parent’s residence and offer a ransom for his bride. The ransom could consist of money or jewelry. In this matrimonial tradition, the bridesmaid will act as protection for the bride so that she is not “stolen” before a ransom has been offered.

The parents of the wife to be appears outside with someone dressed as a bride. This person may be a woman or man, and are covered with a veil so that the bride groom will not get a glimpse of their face.  If the bride groom realizes it is not his bride, he is to ask for his true love. The family will demand a more substantial ransom, and once the ransom is negotiated, the bride is offered to the bride groom.

However, if the bride groom is met at the door with a pumpkin, his offer of marriage has been rejected by the bride or her family. The pumpkin is his to take, so he doesn’t leave empty-handed.

There Is a Ritual Blessing Before the Official Ceremony

Once a couple is to be married, “Blahoslovennia” or a ritual blessing is performed. This ritual blessing usually happens a short time before the official wedding ceremony. Each in their own respective homes, the bride and groom, their parents, and their grandparents performs this ritual. After the ransom has been paid, the bride and bride groom perform the ritual together with their parents.

As part of the ceremony, a ceremonial text is read to the parents. This ceremonial text reads, “As these two children stand before their own mother, before their own father, before their uncles, before their godparents; maybe they did not listen to one of you, I ask you to forgive them and bless them.”

The parents are to forgive their sins, and the family members repeat “Bih sviatyi” which means, “May Holy God forgive and bless you.” Once this is repeated three times, the ceremony is complete, and the couple is forgiven for their sins. They then are given the blessing for their marriage.

The Ceremony Can Last Two Days or Weeks

The Ukrainian ceremony is full of traditions with deep meaning. First, the couple steps on a beautiful Ukrainian embroidered towel called a rushnyk. Rushnyk’s are symbolic for a Ukrainian couple as whomever steps on the rushnky first, has the “final say” in all aspects of their marriage.

During the crowning ceremony, in a traditional wedding, the bride’s wreath is replaced by a headdress that covers her hair. This is a symbol that she is now married. The groom is crowned with a hat. The hat is symbolic of accepting responsibility as a man.

After the civil ceremony, the guests will arrive at the bride’s house. There is a toast and an abundance of food. The initial celebration lasts the entire night.

On the day after the ceremony, the bride will wear a white dress or suit. On this day, all guests go to the bride’s parent’s house and more food, drinks, toasting, and games follow. The wedding celebration can last days and sometimes weeks, with dancing, singing, long toasts, and a feast that includes the entire community.

As you can see the intricacy and detail of a Ukrainian wedding is what makes it beautiful. If you were inspired by these traditions, incorporate them into your own matrimonial celebration for a unique twist on your wedding day. If you want to talk more about Ukrainian traditions, go to, a platform for dating and social networking where you can find real Ukrainian women who can help explain these ceremonies.

Russian Weddings

Want to have a huge and unique celebration for your wedding? Russia is famous for grand scale marriages. Here are a few considerations of having a Russian wedding.

Things to Consider about Having a Wedding in Russia

The traditional thoughts of weddings are large events full of family and friend attendees. If you’ve ever seen or heard of the beautiful traditional weddings in Russia, then one for you could be your brides dream come true. Here are some things to consider before having your wedding over in Russia.

There Are Some Preparations That Need to Be Made

In order to be married in Russia, you are required to submit an application. This application is submitted to the registry office called ZAGS. The application must be filed several months in advance. On the official wedding day, the husband and wife to be visit ZAGS office to obtain their marriage certificate.

If you wish to get married in a church, then you will need to arrange a meeting with the priest. In this meeting, you will need to agree upon an appropriate date with the priest as weddings are not performed during any religious fasting period.

It is customary to hire a planner or toast maker to handle the details of the wedding. The toast maker will manage the wedding, announce any performances, and hold contests.

Engagement Rings Are a New Thing in Russia

The tradition of giving a future bride an engagement ring is a large western tradition. It is usually official when the ring is placed on the finger. However, in Russia, a man giving a woman an engagement ring is a fairly new tradition. Because of the excitement of finding love, Russians have caught on to the tradition. Although it is now becoming more common, it is still not standard procedure in Russia. The engagement ring is unofficially presented to the bride on the day her beloved asks her to marry him.

In Russia, it is traditional for newlyweds to exchange wedding rings. The bride groom provides these rings. Russian wedding rings are gold. They are decorated with stones or stripes of silver and platinum. They are also engraved on the inside. Russians wear the wedding ring on the ring finger of their right hand.

Family is Involved with Everything

On the day of the ceremony, a bride to be will spend most of the first part of her big day getting ready. This can include hair, makeup, and other style details. Relatives are enlisted to help throughout the day. It is a festive makeover that last until the bride arrives at the ceremony of registration.

In a silly and comical tradition, the parents of the wife to be will pretend to kidnap the bride. They will ask the bride groom to pay a “ransom.” Through the payment of this ransom with something of monetary value, he receives his beloved. After this amusing event, the couple is free to head to ZAGS and officially register for marriage.

If you’d like to get up to date with details of a wedding in Russia, head over to where you can post your questions on their forum. is more than just a dating site, although it does free match making. It is a community where you can connect with Russian men and women who can help you plan the perfect Russian wedding.

Here Comes The Bride

Weddings are joyous occasions that celebrate a union between loving couples, and a time to share all these wonderful moments with family and friends. Despite the joy and excitement, weddings are a stressful time. From dress selection to dinner, everything demands the utmost attention to detail.

Without turning your wedding into a hair-pulling frenzy, you can transform this special event into the best party and celebration of your life by incorporating some simple tips and tricks. As an image consultant, it is perplexing as to why couples can spend hundreds of dollars on wedding arrangements and gifts, but fail to give any consideration to what matters the most, the bride and groom.

Perhaps, it is the lack of awareness and priority given to the most important couple of the wedding, or maybe the stress from preparations and living up to expectations have overshadowed the importance of looking and behaving your best at your wedding. Remember, that when all eyes are on you, proper image and etiquette for weddings is important in holding up a good image and presenting yourself as best as you can. This will not only add to your happiness on your special day but also leave a lasting impression on guests.

Colour analysis for brides is one of the services offered under the Wedding & Special Occasions workshop. It provides professional advice on choosing colors that are best suited to your skin tone. We don’t need an expert to tell us that color coordination is important but we do need help from someone who has sufficient experience and skill to select the right colors for your evening gown, your lip and eye makeup selection, and even the bouquet you’ll be holding the entire evening!

Apart from providing color analysis for brides, the Wedding & Special Occasions workshop proves to be quite helpful in determining the precise style for men and women that not only complements their body but also enhances their personality. While you can afford to look less than perfect on a normal day, your wedding isn’t one of those occasions you want to pass!

Similarly, jewelry and makeup are two essential aspects of looking great for your big day. It’s your wedding and quite rightly you’re the center of attention, being scrutinized by everyone present at the event. You cannot simply go with your instinct as to what looks better. Questions like, what would go better with your dress, diamonds or pearls or what shade of eye-shadow would bring out the eyes, are all important ones that need to be addressed.

Apart from appearance, dressing, and looking great, there are other important areas to take note of for your wedding. Acting appropriately in front of guests is important to ensuring that you do not embarrass yourself or give your guests an awkward experience. Appropriate wedding behavior is important to keeping up with that great image you just created for yourself.

Prior to the wedding, invitations, introductions, seating, acknowledging your guests are all part of bride and groom etiquette. Here are a few wedding arrangement tips that you should keep in mind:

– Send out invitations well before time (no Facebook invitations should not be condoned)

– Provide all possible convenience to your guest especially accommodation and food

– Avoid bad timing

Lastly, of course, have a great time and enjoy the beginning to a wonderful journey together as man and wife!

What To Consider Before Marriage Counselling

If you feel that your marriage is in trouble then you may well be looking for marriage counseling but where do you start? It is a bit of a minefield out there.

In every walk of life we all come across someone who has loads of qualifications, diplomas, degrees, you name it, but some of those people have zero people skills and regrettably the counseling field is no exception. That counsellor your friend went to see? Well, guess what, that one might not work for you, although recommendations are a good place to start.

Whilst you might not have the energy to think about what might be suitable for you, particularly if you marriage is very rocky, it is important to get some idea of the sorts of counseling available in your area. There are lots of different methods and mixes and it would do you no harm to have a brief look at what a particular method may involve before you commit.

You may have to accept that some types of counseling and yes, some counsellors, might not be for you. If you feel awkward acting out scenarios or talking about your mother and some counselling methods involve this, even though you may think it has nothing to do with your present predicament then do check what you are getting yourself into before you decide which method might suit you.

One of the most important things to look for from counseling is the ability of the counsellor to empower you to make those important decisions to improve the quality of your relationship or if necessary to be able to end the relationship in a positive way. Counseling is a paid for tool and there is a tendency for some counsellors to allow you to talk week after week, without actually enabling you to deal with the issues you face.

So, decide what you actually want to achieve in your counseling sessions before heading off to that first appointment. If you just want to talk, then there will be no shortage of counsellors who will allow you to do that but you really need to be given the tools you need to be able to make decisions and take action for yourself.

Also, what do you want from your marriage? Yes, you might need some counseling to help you make that decision but do consider where you and your partner are at the moment and think where you might want the relationship to go. Your main motivation may be to try and save your marriage but you might have to come to terms with the fact that might not be possible.

Are you thinking of taking this counseling journey on your own? That is often the most disappointing aspect of these situations. Whilst it is certainly possible to save your relationship on your own, if your spouse or partner is not prepared to engage with the process, that can make it a lot more difficult to get to a stage where you might think the relationship is secure. Once you start the counseling journey, particularly if you are on your own, there might be some issues ahead of you and some tough decisions to make.

Top 3 things to make your wedding Scottish

Wedding days are special whichever culture you belong to and in Scotland that is no different. I wanted to explore what actually makes a wedding day Scottish – is it a groom in a kilt? Is it tartan ribbons on the bridesmaids dresses or do you actually have to be in bonny Scotland for the big day to class it as a Scottish day?

Weddings in Scotland have amassed your usual smorgasbord of traditions and unique references. As a result of some interesting (and some plain bonkers) research, I’ve compiled a list of the top 3 things that would make your wedding the ultimate in Scottish.

Man in a kilt
Ah, a man in a kilt – is anything more Scottish than the site of a chap in his finest kilted attire. Whether you like the full Bonnie Prince Charlie look or something with a more modern twist, the kilt is undoubtedly a mark of the Scottishness of your day. The kilt wearing is made much easier when there is a strong connection to a particular clan colour, Campbell’s wear Campbell tartan, Morrison’s wear theirs and it’s all nice and simple. Not so when your name doesn’t fit into one of the well known and easily rented clan tartans. Buying these things is a serious investment! Also, what about the English groom marrying his Scottish sweetheart – can he wear a kilt? And the hundreds of overseas wedding that happen every year with American, New Zealand, South African grooms pulling on the old kilt for a traditional Scottish flavour. It’s a minefield but I’m told, a ceilidh dance sure feels better when you’ve got your kilt swinging in the breeze :)

Dancing that makes you sweat (nice)
Yep, it can’t be denied – the Scots love a good knees up, particularly a ceilidh and a wedding dance is something that gets everyone on their feet. With a huge number of traditional tunes to pick and from personal experience of very messy but extremely fun Strip the Willow or Dashing White Sergeant’s – ceilidh dancing is where it is at for a truly fabulous Scottish wedding.

Blackening the bride

Blackenings are a particularly bizarre Scottish tradition which I’d actually be quite pleased to avoid! The idea is basically that, at some point before your wedding day, friends and family of the bride conspire to whisk you away and throw eggs, good, feathers, mud – basically anything a bit messy at you and generally humiliate you in public. It’s a kind of initiation and grooms don’t escape it either – sometimes you get joint efforts and pre-wedded bliss, the two of you are subject to dunking and splatting of the most insane kind. Watch this YouTube clip to see what I mean!

There are so many subtleties around the extent you want to go Scottish for your big day that the choice and possibilities are endless. To be fair these three Scottish wedding features are just my favourite ones and I guess that’s what it comes down to in the end. Take the culture and traditions you to make your day just as perfect as you can.

Things To Remember When Planning Your First Hen Party

Finding out you’re to be a bridesmaid or maid of honour at your friend’s wedding is always exciting, especially when you know you’ll have the chance to organise some of the celebrations.

It’s traditional for the bride’s friends to throw a rip roaring hen do in the weeks and days before the wedding, giving you a chance to wish her luck and give her a fun send off. Planning the perfect hen do is one of the biggest responsibilities you have as a bridesmaid, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult task.

First of all you need to work out whether the bride to be is the kind of person who would love to be surprised when the day rolls around or whether they secretly already have a type of celebration in mind.

There’s a real trend for whisking brides away for fun filled weekends or foreign holidays but some people really would prefer a local night out that they had plenty of time to plan for. If you’ve been chosen as a bridesmaid, you’ll know what kind of person your friend is, so stop and think about what they’d really like rather than letting yourself get carried away with trying to follow recent conventions.

Another massive deciding factor will be the kind of people who will be attending the celebration. Find out whether your friend is thinking of a small, intimate hen do with only her closest circle or whether she’s hoping to invite all the female friends she can think of. The larger the party, the more aware you need to be of budgets.

If you’re going to be inviting people from all around the country, you need to factor in their travel expenses and understand that they may not be able to contribute as much to activity costs as they people who live locally.

There’s also the question of age ranges. Lots of brides like to invite their mother and new mother in law to their hen party and if this is the case, you’ll want to make sure you plan an age appropriate evening. One way of ensuring all guests are catered to is by organising a night out that has a number of different stages, therefore giving older guests plenty of time to bow out after dinner or drinks, meaning they won’t feel obliged to party all night if they don’t want to.

To make sure your hen do is extra special, make sure you do things to differentiate it from a normal night out. This can be anything from booking a cocktail-making class to thinking up funny quizzes and games to play during dinner. It’s also nice to ask a few of the bride’s friends to write a small speech and spend some time looking back at fun times you’ve had together as well as toasting the future.

Another favourite way to make sure your hen do stands out from the crow is to look for fun costumes or accessories to wear. You’ll want the bride to be noticeable so choose something extra special for her to wear and make sure all the hens have matching accessories to identify you as a group, glow bracelets are perfect for hen parties, as you’ll be able to spot each other across a crowded room too. When you’re planning a hen party you’ll want to cater to everyone who is attending, but remember its only the bride-to-be who really counts.

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Planning your wedding with our Asian Wedding Directory

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Promoting Your Business In Your Dream Shaadi’s Asian Wedding Directory

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5 Ideas for Clean Bachelor Parties

5 Ideas for Clean Bachelor Parties

Published on Wednesday, 07 November 2012 15:27
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So you are getting married or you are the best man of the soon-to-be groom and what does a wedding mean…that’s right the time honored tradition of the bachelor party. In years gone by, the bachelor party usually meant lots of drinking and of course strippers. But in recent years men and women alike are waiting to get married a little later in life and the college “daze” mentality of drinking all night, watching women take their clothes off, and nursing hangovers well into the next night has been giving way to more tame nights out with the guys. Just because your bachelor party doesn’t include hangovers, strippers and parts of the night that can only be recalled through blurry cell phone pictures doesn’t mean it needs to be tame.
Many times the best man wait until the last minute and takes the road of least resistance, well who really wants that path to haunt them for years to come?

What if there was a clean version of the bachelor party where your friends were thanking you the next day rather than asking where’s the Advil? Imagine if you could not only talk about the bachelor party with your soon-to-be wife, but could share the pictures from the party.
Here are 5 ideas for a bachelor adventure that can take care of all of the above.

Whitewater Rafting and Camping
If the soon-to-be groom is a fan of the great outdoors why not an adventure with the boys under the open sky. Of course you can pack as much beer as needed but don’t forget the essentials or let your adventure planner take care of that for you. On Purpose Adventures organizes weekday and weekend trips throughout the country and can make sure everything is thought of so you can just enjoy the weekend. While on your great outdoor adventure, spend the day with your buddies hitting the rapids. All experience levels can be accommodated and the thrill is something you’ll be talking about long after the trip. Why not throw in engraved Swiss army knives or an engraved compass, groomsman/bachelor party gifts that are sure to come in handy on the adventure and have them remember the time every time they see the gift.

Paintball Wars
What better way to relieve a little pre-wedding stress than shooting your buddies in the back…..with paintballs of course. Private parties are easily arranged with your adventure planner and equipment, drinks, food, photos, and video can all be included in your adventure. You can mix things up by playing scenario games like capture the flag or last man standing or go all out and try your hand at some night paintball.

Weekend Fishing Trip to the Lake
How about just a relaxing weekend with boys in a cabin on the lake? Food, lodging, fishing guide, photos and video call all be provided by your adventure planner however the fish are up to you. You might want to go a little more adventurous and spring for some quail hunting or even alligator hunting depending on the season but no matter how you pack the weekend it’s sure to be fun and relaxing……you can worry about who is sitting next to who at the reception when you get back.

Jumping Out of a Perfectly Good Airplane
You’re about to take the plunge figuratively so why not try it literally. Nothing like free falling towards the earth at over 100 mph. Tandem jumps are offered at most places for those who have never been before. Sure your wedding video is going to be amazing and you are your soon to be wife will watch it and show it off to your kids. But this a bachelor party video that you won’t be able to wait to post up to Facebook. An adventure planner can make sure everything goes smoothly and you will have lots of photos and video as a keepsake.

Challenge Course
Why celebrate your passage from bachelorhood to marriage with a day on the high ropes course. Challenge, or ropes, courses are a great way to connect with your buddies and see if you have what it takes in problem solving, cooperation, patience and mind-over-body focus. There are plenty of things to do surrounding this adventure and your planner can take care of everything from lunch to setting up the post challenge celebration. Of course being able to show of the pictures of your bachelor party to your new father-in-law may score you a few extra points as well.

Different Wedding Invites For Brides in 2013

Although you may feel very happy and excited to plan your wedding, you also may feel overwhelmed by many preparations and details. After you have decided your wedding date, it’s time for you to prepare your wedding invitations. When referring to wedding invitations, we may think of those traditional wedding invitations with white, ivory, gold or black colors. However, nowadays it’s very popular to involve some modern elements into your wedding invitations. You may need to get down to your invitations earlier as there are massive and various wedding invitations you can find.

When deciding your wedding invitations, you have many things needing to take into considerations. The chief consideration is the level of formality of your wedding. Whether it is formal, semi-formal or informal can decide the design of your wedding invitations directly.

Apart from the formality, wedding invitations, in fact, have invitation itself elements like detailed arrangements for wedding, accommodations, directions or other necessary information. The whole set of invitations may include invitations, response cards, both envelopes, reception cards or wishing well cards.

Although there are numerous and massive different designed wedding invitations, there are always only six basic invitations including Engraved, Thermo graphed, and Printed, Calligraphy, Handed colored and Box set.

Engraved invitations are most traditional and common. But the price seems to a bit higher. For those who are going to have a formal wedding, engraved wedding invitations must be a wise choice. You need to make sure that you order your engraved invitations earlier as the preparations time will be a little longer. If your wedding is very approaching less than 8 weeks, it’s not suggested to choose engraved invitations.

Thermo graphed invitations shows more suitable for a semi-formal wedding. They usually have beautiful look, so they can be alternative for a formal wedding if you don’t have enough time to prepare engraved invitations. When deciding to use these invitations on your wedding, you may need to plan on ordering 6 weeks before your wedding.

Printed invitations are very popular and effective. There are many different stylish printed wedding invitations on physical vendors and online shops. When choosing these invitations, you can place an order 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding. They usually show well on semi-formal and informal weddings.

Calligrapher invitations are suitable for old fashioned themed weddings. However, the price for calligrapher invitations is very expensive as they take many efforts and time when making those cards. Your preparation time and budget may decide whether you should choose this invitation. They are suitable for all types of wedding but not included formal wedding.

More and more couples prefer to adopt hand-made invitations for their wedding not only for the lower cost but also for the nice look. You have many options to make hand-made invitations. You can buy some parts and assemble them yourselves. You can even involve some ornaments like ribbon into the design. They are suitable for most weddings.

You can find box invitations at most beach wedding dresses 2013 and they can be alternative to other invitations. These stylish wedding invitations are unique and easy to dress up.